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Statement of Faith – Diplomats International School

Statement of Faith

Stucents of Diplomat Int'l School

Statement of Faith

We are poised to through the help of the Holy Spirit raise up true representatives of the kingdom of God on earth who will indeed be salt of the earth and light of the world. Leader are raised and as the bible says train up a child in the way he will grow and when he has grown up, he will not depart from it. We therefore intend to start inculcating the kingdom principles from the foundational stage. We are trusting God that every child who passes through Diplomats International School will stand out where ever he or she may be all over the world and having great impact.

We shall continue to improve on our serene and conducive atmosphere and environment spiritually and physically. We shall maintain and not hide our identity as faith based organization with total commitment to developing God’s kingdom minded gems with excellent spirit. In our school every child matters and we shall not give up on any child but work hand in hand with parents in establishing divine purpose for each child.

We shall pursue this rigorously with Christian faith based teachings and modern technology in imparting the life of each child.

We shall be up to date with the ever evolving Information Technology world (with adequate control measure) in achieving the best for every child.

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